Custom Solutions Manufacturing Projects
Custom Solutions Manufacturing Projects

Gantry Crane

Gantry CraneGantry Crane• Our engineering group developed a custom gantry crane with a proprietary bearing system to replace an existing crane that did not function properly in our customer's application.
• This demanding application required that the design fit within a very tight space, have minimal deflection when loaded, and pivot without binding when loaded.

X-Press Bow Press

Press Bow PressPress Bow Press• Our engineering group worked with our customer to redesign various aspects of the product to enhance manufacturability and functionality.
• Custom Solutions developed a rapid prototyping process to create an overmolded, cast urethane wheel that gripped the bow during the pressing operation.
• With a fast paced schedule, we developed, machined, welded, and ultimately assembled the initial prototypes. After the prototype design was approved, Custom Solutions was contracted to provide the initial 500 bow press assemblies, allowing our customer time to build production tooling with their Chinese manufacturer.

Medical Component De-gating Machine

Medical Component De-gating MachineMedical Component De-gating MachineMedical Component De-gating Machine• Our company was contracted to engineer and build a machine that could repeatedly remove the gate vestige from three mission critical medical components, within 0.003" of the adjacent surface
• The system featured an optical two-hand no tie down, an automatic sawing system designed to nest three different part geometries, and a dedicated vacuum system to reduce debris on the components

Oil Spray Booth

Oil Spray BoothOil Spray Booth• This automated spray booth featured a safety light curtain that was integrated with a pneumatic logic system designed to dispense a specific lubricating oil onto completed engine assemblies.

Die Punching and Cutting Automation Machines

Die Punching and Cutting Automation MachinesDie Punching and Cutting Automation MachinesDie Punching and Cutting Automation MachinesDie Punching and Cutting Automation MachinesDie Punching and Cutting Automation MachinesDie Punching and Cutting Automation Machines• These fully automated machines were conceptualized, engineered, fabricated, assembled, and tested by Custom Solutions Manufacturing.
• Machine features include an Allen Bradley Panelview 1000 touch screen HMI, safety light curtains, optical sensors, LED indicator lights, Allen Bradley servo motors, and a custom machined, pneumatically-driven die punching system.

Automatic Stapler Machine

Automatic Stapler MachineAutomatic Stapler MachineAutomatic Stapler Machine• This machine was engineered to automatically staple two wood components together
• The machine features a pneumatic two-hand no tie down system integrated with a pneumatic logic system that was designed to automatically clamp the individual components, fire staples, and unclamp the completed assembly

Dial Indicator Fixture

Dial Indicator FixtureDial Indicator Fixture• Just one example of many fixtures that have been designed and engineered by Custom Solutions Manufacturing. This fixture needed to precisely measure runout in an engine crank shaft.

Automated Pin Loading System

Automated Pin Loading System Automated Pin Loading System Automated Pin Loading System• This automated machine was engineered, fabricated, and tested all by our company
• Machine features include a feeder bowl system to sort and feed the inserts, fiber optic sensors, pneumatic grippers, and a loading system that was repeatable within 0.001" over an 18" reach with the loading arm.

Engine Dyno Machine

Engine Dyno MachineEngine Dyno MachineEngine Dyno Machine Engine Dyno Machine • This heavy I-beam, welded construction test frame was engineered to test engines using a dynamometer.
• Design features include precision alignment for drive shaft (within 0.001") and Blanchard ground plates with machined mounting features for custom testing fixtures