Custom Solutions Manufacturing Equipment
A&R Equipment

CNC Milling

Custom Solutions Manufacturing currently owns two CNC, three-axis milling machines. Our Fryer 1FR VB-30XL is capable of 36 inches x-travel, 20 inches of y-travel, and 23 inches of z-travel. Our Fryer 1FR VB-60 is capable of 60 inches of x-travel, 30 inches of y-travel, and 28 inches of z-travel. Both CNC mills utilize a dedicated 20 station tool changer.

Manual Machining

Custom Solutions Manufacturing currently owns three Willis Microcut 1050 milling machines with x-travel power feed and a Willis Microcut CP1550 engine lathe. Our surface grinder, vertical and horizontal cutoff saws, and drill presses provide additional machining capability when needed.

Welding and Cutting

Custom Solutions Manufacturing's ability to weld stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum using our high end, Miller brand welders provides our customers with a high capacity, no limit weld shop. We also have plasma cutting, pneumatic cutting, sanding, and grinding equipment to round out our complete metal fabrication and modification capabilities.